About Us

We are a family. There are 5 of us. Our family is full of love and laughter and we are on a pursuit to create great memories. We keep our emotions happy in our moments together and when you put those moments together they make memories. We want our children to have memorable childhoods.

Our three little bears are

1. big sister (she’s the boss) 2. JJ (she’s sociable and loud one) and 3. Booboo bear (who is cute and cuddly).

These three mean the world to me. I decided to create this blog for two reasons 1.to update everyone on things in one place in one go and 2. When my girls look back on the journey they will know it mattered enough for mummy to document

I guess the most important to thing to know with respect to this blog is that I hope one day someone finds some support from it. We are in a very unique and sad position of having twins with significant health issues. All these words…when what I’m trying to say is Twin 1 is severely disabled and has had and will have ongoing operations and Twin 2 has stage 4 metastatic cancer (neuroblastoma).

Trying to make sense of it all, and I guess in an attempt to normalise it, I asked a specialist consultant if he had ever seen anything like this before in one family – he said ‘It’s unheard of to have this many unrelated things going on in one family. It’s utterly devastated us all. You’re such wonderful parents. We are devastated for you. It’s unfair and life can be so so cruel. We are thinking of you all’.

And so begins this chapter of our story…